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This is just a little section in loving memory of Mr Mann. We all loved him.

You touched the lives of those around you
Cheering them up if they were blue
Always facing the world with a smile
You made the lives around you feel worth while
You never gave up and were always there,
Always willing to show up much you cared
You opened a door to endless possibilities
I never had the chance to say what that meant to me
Your neverending spirit kept the band alive
And now without you we must try to survive
Without you we'll have to continue on
For you we'll keep going and try to stay strong
But your life was ended so suddenly
You hardly had the chance to see
Just how much you did for us all
When we felt so small you made us fell tall
You looked at us with glowing pride
And ignited the spirit in our hearts which will never die
Now when i say a prayer I'll look up at the sky
And I'll know that somewhere you're watching close by
You gave us a gift that will never part
And we'll keep you alive always, in our memories
And our hearts.

By Kimberly Mah